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the only marketing platform definition you’ll ever need (+ how to choose yours)


brush up on the best marketing platform definition — plus examples, features, benefits and how to choose one for your business.

3 tactics to master website content


great website content writing can elevate web pages, improve site ranking and drive organic traffic. here’s what you need to know.


what is an seo company and how do they work?


your business can’t reach its potential if no one can find you. that’s an obvious statement, but an important one, and one that demands a response. in today’s digital-first business […]

ikea marketing strategy: 7 tactics and takeaways (infographic)


let’s explore the top ikea marketing strategies from over the years, with key takeaways marketers in any business can borrow.

marketing communication planning frameworks: maximizing your marketing efforts


marketing communications planning frameworks help marketers organize, develop and distribute key information to stakeholders and their target audience. without them, people who should be informed remain unwillingly ignorant, which can […]

marketing strategy vs. tactics: the essential distinction you must know (infographic)


marketing strategy vs tactics: they sound similar but have important differences. find out how to effectively reach your goals.

mastering the marketing elements with beatriz kaori miyakoshi lopes


meet beatriz — project manager, occasional writer and all-around hero. see how she’s mastered all the marketing elements like a proper avatar!

10 of the best email newsletters in 2023 (infographic)


take a look at some of the best company newsletters in marketing and learn how to create, structure and distribute your very own.

the power of the quarterly marketing plan: templates, tips and more


how to build, and stick to, a quarterly marketing plan that helps you set goals, track kpis and improve outcomes.