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give him the rock, baby: play-by-plays with managing editor andy barks


whether on the court or in the office, andy barks is the man you want in your corner.

diving deep into the industry with director of content marketing katelynn conlon


want to know what it takes to be a director of content marketing? read all about brafton’s own katelynn conlon.

take a look, it’s in a book: livin’ and learnin’ with content manager mike o’neill


butterfly in the sky, content manager mike o’neill can go twice as high.

how director of digital marketing strategy jeff baker went from mosquito hunter to lead generator


jeff baker’s extensive experience in content marketing has made him an invaluable asset to brafton, and the strong leader its strategy needs.

inside the mind of an animator: a tour with evelin serritos


if you love singing to your cat, watching horror films and researching norse mythology, you might be award-winning and world-renowned english novelist neil gaiman. or, you might be brafton lead […]

senior writer mike manahan on puns, maple syrup and his mom


these days, almost anyone can be a writer. all it takes is a wordpress account and a pulse. but if you want to write for enterprise and mid-market clients at […]

chris helms: editor extraordinaire turned project manager


the beautiful thing about content marketing is that all departments come together to work on a client strategy. this is one of the things project manager chris helms likes most […]

brafton by design: visual marketing with courtney meyer


from blog posts to ebooks to infographics, courtney meyer is the mastermind behind brafton’s visual marketing.

the greatest reward: meeting brafton at the finish line


in boston, the month of april brings joy to the entire city. we’ve definitely got baseball and often times we have playoff hockey and playoff basketball. it’s often the time […]