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how to optimize google ads to make the most of your budget (infographic)


have you ever heard of the courier from “skyrim”? gamers everywhere have learned to speak reverently of this non-player character (npc). whether we’re fighting dragons on a soaring mountain, exploring […]

goodbye expanded text ads: here’s what’s next, according to google


are you ready to say goodbye to expanded text ads? here’s what you need to know about google’s latest policy change.

choosing the right google ads bid strategy [guide]


choosing the right google ads bid strategy determines the success or failure of months of efforts. learn how to get started.

paid marketing: the beginner’s guide to understanding and setting up a paid marketing strategy (infographic)


paid marketing refers to any strategy in which a brand targets potential customers based on their interests, intent or previous interactions with the brand.

paid search marketing: a beginner’s guide


paid search isn’t as simple as giving google money to post your ad. but done right, it can yield big results for your brand.

what your ad impressions are telling you


an ad impression is the number of times a piece of content was displayed to a target audience.

what is display advertising? a beginner’s guide


you asked, “what is display advertising?” and we answered in this overview of all the definitions, details and best practices you need to know.

paid media: definition, strategies and trends


paid media can increase your brand’s reach, spread awareness and help you capture new leads.

ppc reporting 101: a reference guide for ppc managers


whether you’re trying to create a report to show other company stakeholders, or need help with client reporting, you’ve come to the right place.