why ppc?

ppc ads are highly visible. strategic ppc campaigns can boost brand awareness, generate new business leads and contribute to higher conversion rates.

on the surface, a paid ad may look simple, but each one is supported by complex and ever-changing bidding strategies and search engine optimization (seo) planning as well as creative copywriting and website ux design. as a full-service digital marketing agency, we’re adept at each element of a digital advertising campaign.

when you work with brafton’s ppc consultants, you own your ppc accounts and we’ll take responsibility for strategy, implementation and management. you’ll benefit from our experience and expertise with a data-driven approach to decision making.

ppc ads

75% of web users say ppc ads
make it easier to find what
they’re looking for.

ppc advertising is essential to your digital marketing strategy

approximately 3 in 4 web users say ppc ads make it easier to find the information they need.

considering the positive impact a successful ppc campaign can have on your organization’s digital marketing program, they should be an integral piece of your strategy.

whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your product pages or reengage previous site visitors, an experienced ppc consultant can help you get there.

brafton’s promotions and engagement team is staffed with ppc experts who are well versed in the nuances of various platforms, bidding strategies and industries. when you partner with brafton, you’ll work with a dedicated ppc expert who can assist with every step of the digital advertising process:

  • defining your target audience.
  • setting up each ppc account.
  • choosing relevant and attainable keywords.
  • devising a budget-friendly bidding strategy.
  • developing well-written copy and attractive graphics.
  • measuring the results and planning the next campaign.

our ppc campaign management services are holistic, giving you a well-rounded and data-driven approach to paid advertising.

ready to get started?

our ppc consultants understand audience engagement

these days, it takes an average of 7 touches to generate a viable sales lead. getting to that level of familiarity — while making sure each interaction is a positive one — is a big challenge for marketers.

ppc consultants understand how to approach prospective customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. using intent-based keywords, data-driven bidding strategies and seo best practices, consultants enable brands to make deeper connections with their customers.

our ppc consultants specialize in:

keyword analysis.

ppc bidding.

creative copywriting.

landing page ux.

ad retargeting and syndication.


target audience identification.

major ppc networks reach millions of websites and apps. our ppc consultants can help you find and engage your customers wherever they are on the web.

expert consultants

expert consultants help you
save money by improving the
quality of your ads.

how ppc consultants support growth

if you’re not careful, competitive keywords can eat up your ad spend budget before you have a chance to reach your audience.

one of the primary reasons brands turn to a ppc management service is for support in identifying competitive keywords that have the potential to attract buyers without breaking the bank.

in addition to fine-tuning your bidding strategy, your dedicated ppc consultant at brafton can help you save money by improving the quality of your ads. ad networks use various signals to determine ad quality and reward optimized ads with lower cost-per-click (cpc) and better placement.

by aligning your paid and organic search and content marketing campaigns, ppc strategists support your ability to appeal to customers who engage with your brand across channels. for instance, ppc ads can help your website gain traffic while you wait for your organic strategy to mature.

why ppc ads are essential to your business

whether you’re in the b2b or b2c space, ppc ads can augment your sales strategy.

key benefits of a managed ppc strategy include:

brand awareness.

lead generation and nurturing.

customer engagement.


high-quality ads give you more opportunities to reach your goals. dedicated consultants can ensure you target the right keywords and develop an optimized buyer journey. for example, your dedicated ppc specialist can help improve conversion rates by pinpointing areas of improvement on your landing pages.

we tailor your strategy with data-driven insights

custom reporting is critical to any ppc strategy. you can’t improve if you don’t know where you’ve been and where you stand today. tailored campaign analysis ensures you’re on track to meet your goals.

our dedicated strategists track and measure critical ppc metrics such as:

click-through rate (ctr).

cost per conversion.

conversion rate.


return on investment (roi).

with rolling support from our consultants, you’ll receive monthly analytics reports and strategy updates. the ability to visualize your ppc campaign results makes it easier to optimize your outreach efforts.

ppc is perfect for omnichannel campaigns

the web is a big place. to get your brand’s messaging in front of relevant buyers, you need a digital marketing strategy that spans channels, platforms and devices.

almost all americans (98%) switch between multiple devices every single day. ppc ads are uniquely positioned to reach customers whether they’re browsing the web or using apps on their desktop or mobile devices.

our ppc consultants can help you manage campaigns across all channels, including:

  • google ads.
  • bing ads.
  • all major social media networks.
  • syndication networks like taboola and outbrain.

in addition to text and display ads, our consultants have extensive experience working with shopping campaigns on google and amazon. empower your e-commerce strategy by selling to customers directly from search results.

further, remarketing creates another channel for ppc marketing campaigns to reach users. remarketing is a retargeting campaign that utilizes email to connect with people based on their web activity. this adds another touch point between you and your audience, nurturing them toward a conversion.

almost all americans (98%)
switch between multiple
devices every single day.

choose a ppc agency with experience and expertise

when intending to make a purchase, 65% of buyers click on paid advertisements. to reach those customers, you need an optimized ppc strategy.

brafton’s experienced ppc consultants support your customer engagement and conversion goals with data-driven strategies, creative copywriting and expert management.

you own your accounts, and we’ll own your strategy. get in touch with us today to learn more about how to maximize the results of your ppc campaigns.

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