the majority of consumers are visual learners. approximately 65 percent of people remember information better when it is presented in a visual format, such as in the form of images and videos, according to research from the university of alabama at birmingham.

brands are realizing that implementing visual embeds within their content reaches these individuals and engages them in new ways. and there is plenty of evidence to support visual marketing. mdg advertising stated articles that incorporate visual components such as images receive 94 percent more views than those without.

are you one of the 65 percent of people more likely to remember this statistic because it was presented visually?

it’s no wonder that many companies are increasingly using visual strategies within their content marketing initiatives, and if you haven’t incorporated images, videos and other features into your overall objectives, then now is the time to start. embedding visuals not only helps you engage your target audience, but it also educates and converts visitors more effectively.

let’s take a closer look at why visual embeds are growing in popularity and why now is the time to make these features a core part of your marketing strategy.

visual elements on the rise

many marketers still focus on providing prospects with quality written content, but visual components have increasingly made their way into many brands’ marketing plans in recent years.

about 61 percent of businesses surveyed by venngage said that visual content will be an “absolutely necessary” factor of their marketing strategies this year. in the same survey, 90 percent of respondents stated that more than half of their content already contained some form of a visual element.

content with visual elements gets 94% more views than text-only posts.

additionally, brands know that consumers are more likely to retain information if it’s presented as a video, graphic or image. in his book “brain rules,” john medina revealed that three days after viewing information, 65 percent of people will remember the data if it was presented in a visual format, compared to 10 percent if that same information is only heard and not offered visually.

when viewing visual elements, prospects are more likely to engage with your company and convert into leads. capturing the attention of your target audience with right visual components starts with knowing which ones will work best for your strategy.

take a closer look at the most popular visuals

it’s important to dive deeper into the most common visual elements used by brands all over. many companies have already adopted these features in their marketing practices. by creating a visual plan now, the better off you are at engaging with prospects and turning them into leads.

video is the winningest embed for engagement, followed closely by infographics and social media.

capture leads with video marketing

the use of video marketing has skyrocketed in recent years – hubspot revealed that 87 percent of digital marketers currently incorporate video into their content strategies. many target audiences want and are responding to video features within content. cloudswave found that embedding videos on websites helps brands boost traffic by 55 percent, and hubspot stated that a landing page featuring a video can result in 80 percent more lead conversions.

using video as a teaser for a whitepaper or blog, or perhaps as a way to expand upon a certain topic, offers your visitors a more interactive and captivating aspect that draws them in, keeps them on your site and encourages them to convert.

boost engagement with infographics

infographics are one of the best visual elements to use for reaching prospects. about 42 percent of marketers told venngage that infographics provide the most engagement for visitors, and 30 percent of those surveyed revealed they use this form of content more than any other visual element.

tell a story with your infographics – your prospects are looking for certain information, so give them what they want in a format that is easy to view, appealing and stays with them well after they leave your site.

social media is growing more effective visually

social media networks have been around for years, but continue to increase in use, both among consumers and businesses. but instead of going to those sites to share your message, use them within your content to boost engagement. sam desk reported that 23 percent of news articles implement social embeds. not only does including social media elements in your content help support your message, but it also encourages prospects to check out your brand’s social presence.

whether it’s videos from facebook, tweets from industry experts or instagram posts from your customers and influencers, including social media features enhances your content and engages more with readers.

providing quality written content goes a long way when it comes to converting prospects into leads. but take it a step further by implementing embedded visual features to grab their attention, add credibility to your brand and make your overall 足球世界杯举办地2022 successful.

tressa sloane is the sr. manager of editorial development in boston. born a southern belle, she now resides in the chilly (but wicked awesome) northeast, and when she's not learning everything she can about content marketing, she's obsessing over elvis, auburn football and france.