clickcease brafton completely redesigns saphisle’s site - brafton - 塞尔维亚vs瑞士走地

saphisle needed a website that could act as a foundation for all the company’s future digital marketing endeavors. it had to be polished, smart, intuitive and well-branded.

so our developers and designers put their noses to the grindstone for a 4-month long project. the results speak for themselves.

“they get it! marketing is all about driving leads and ultimately new business. every deliverable had this at the heart of it.”
– mark segelov, founder and ceo, saphisle limited


a great website promotes your company around the clock.

it’s the origin of user interactions that fuel brand recognition, create revenue and drive growth.

saphisle knows this. the london-based cybersecurity consultancy serves some impressive brand names (like ubs and lloyds banking group), and it needed a site that was as clean, smart and professional as its security solutions.

here’s what we delivered:

challenge: make a site, make it look good and fill it with great content

“our organization required a new website and content marketing pieces to support the launch phase of the business,” founder and ceo, mark segelov, said. “the key goals were to ensure that the deliverables reflected and communicated our proposition aligned to our company mission and brand values.”

in so many words, saphisle is a young and growing company. it needed a partner that could help accelerate its growth with digital marketing.

so why did mark choose brafton for this project? he needed total faith in his partner’s ability to:

  1. understand the target customer and the customer journey.
  2. deliver clean design and alignment to the overall branding and marketing strategy.
  3. provide value while being easy to work with.
  4. focus on supporting lead generation and building a business.

once he was convinced of our bona fides, the real work began.

our solution

  • a custom-built wordpress theme
  • website redesign
  • ux
  • custom illustrations
  • ebook
  • 7 blog articles
  • infographics

mark’s dedicated brafton project manager closely coordinated with our developers, designers, writers and ux experts, while guiding each iteration of the project into its next phase.

from the initial planning calls to the actual launch, the project took a little over 3 months. that included building a custom wordpress theme, creating the design elements on the site, conducting ux analysis and performing quality assurance tests.

while the site was in dev, we also worked on blog content and an infographic for their new “insights” page, as well as an ebook to populate the “世界杯预选赛2022直播 ” section of the new site.

post launch, we provided a 30-day support period to iron out any final wrinkles.

brafton designer, tim olech, worked from photos to create highly branded illustrations of saphisle’s leadership team members.


“project management was always there to provide both feedback/status updates and support the overall smooth running of the engagement,” mark said of the end-to-end process. “nothing was too much trouble! the style was engaging, supportive and goal orientated, and a web portal enabled us to communicate and see the status of deliverables throughout their lifecycle.”

the outcome

in the end, mark couldn’t have been more pleased with the final product.

“the key deliverables were all on brand and enabled the business to take a step change in how we communicate and engage with our current and prospective customers.”

he was also happy with the overall experience of working with brafton.

“they get it! marketing is all about driving leads and ultimately new business,” he said. “every deliverable had this at the heart of it.”