buyer personas sharpen your content so it can cut through the noise and reach your audience. to provide the information they want and need, you must first identify who they are and what they’re looking for. the buyer persona investigation starts with the sales department.

your sales team knows your audience intimately. but they see the customer from a different perspective than the marketing team. this ebook will show you how to effectively communicate what you need from them in a way that will appeal to their logic and ensure a meaningful conversation that points you in the right direction.

download our ebook today to learn more about:

  • how salespeople think and operate
  • what data marketers should share with sales
  • how sales views marketing’s efforts
  • what questions to ask sales about your customers

want to learn more about personas and buyer journeys? watch our webinar in which brafton and akoonu, the provider of a leading platform for strategic marketing, discuss the importance of personas and journey maps, how to develop them, what to do with them and the proven results they provide.

brafton’s marketing in action

“you have to be able to understand the content along the entire buyer’s journey. what brafton did is helped us with that initial idea and pulled it all the way through so we could have it be a truly successful program.” – david laubner, thinkingphones

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