your headline is 80 percent of y2022世界杯足球队名单 . it’s make or break.

  • 4 million blog posts are published every day.
  • 94% of them completely fail.
  • 59% of people share articles on social media based on the headline alone. they don’t even read the article.
  • list headlines get 218% more shares than how-to headlines.
  • titles that end with a question mark receive 23% more shares than those that don’t.

so what gives? how do you maximize your headline real estate and create content that drives clicks, shares, backlinks and email forwards?

that’s what we talk through in this webinar hosted by brafton’s senior creative manager lauren fox.

you need content, sure. but what you really mean is that you need content that converts. and it starts with your titles.

in this webinar you’ll learn:

  • how to beta test your headlines.
  • ideation mistakes to avoid.
  • how to create measurable return on your copy.
  • why 60% of our top-performing blogs are listicles.
  • quick examples of headline formats you can steal.
  • how to marry emotion and stats to craft the ideal headline.
  • how to match headlines to searcher intent.
  • techniques for stronger word choice, phrasing and data usage.

speaker details:

lauren fox is the senior creative manager at brafton. when she’s not busy annoying the heck out of her one-eyed tuxedo cat jack, she’s either exploring one of the many hiking trails in the pacific northwest or cooking up a tasty meal in her tiny kitchen in seattle.